12/14/2015 editor

Work of art

T H E I D E A –
that is what brings the difference between photoshoots of simple portraits and the premium photo portraits we make in our studio in Manhattan. I adore such photoshoots, because I really appreciate the opportunity of making something meaningful, something special and full of sense.
Cold and pale skin of a marble statue, hard as a stone. Dynamics in the absolutely static figure. It is mysterious. What do you see in it? What thoughts it causes in your mind? Everyone has their own answers on these questions. And if this portrait captured your attention and made you thinking of it, trying to find out of what is the meaning of it, then we have succeed in our tries to make a piece of art.
The resulting picture we have is possible not only because of a talented photographer and model, but also thanks to the stylist and make-up artist. It was very important to make right accents and to create the impression of a static dynamics and as far as I can’t get my eyes off this professional portrait we made, I understand, that we did everything right.