Work of art


T H E I D E A - that is what brings the difference between photoshoots of simple portraits and the premium photo portraits we make in our studio in Manhattan. I adore such photoshoots, because I really appreciate the opportunity of making something meaningful, something special and full of sense. Cold and pale skin of a marble statue,

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portaits of Elena


Elena came to us with an idea of making a series of simple photo portraits. Well, the first thing that we usually do in such situations is choosing a character that our client is going to represent. I suggested Elena to play and to feel different characters during the professional photoshoot. But as for me, there were two vivid

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portraits of Anna


Anna is an actress and she wanted to make professional portraits of herself. To choose a character for those portraits helped me my imagination - it drew Anna as a gentle and shy elf. I saw her with a white skin and tenderness of virgins from Botticelli's paintings. Exactly that character I tried to depict in my inspirational collage.

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